Siida Museum with Shopping

Siida, the largest Sámi museum of Finland, is a must visit for anyone visiting the area. This trip will show you the ways of indegenous people displayed in huge archives of the museum. Also on display is the stunning cycles of Lappish 8 seasons in nature and how these entwine and control the way of life around the area.

You’ll be driven to Siida (meaning a village) Museum (1 hour) from selected pickup point. This area has been the center of Sámi culture for thousands of years. You’ll have ample time (2hrs) to check out the museum with a guide and the surrounding area. After that we have time visit few souvenir shops near museum and Inari Village. With huge knowledge about the ways of the locals you’ll be transported back to your original location. The program is suitable for children as well.




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