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Husky Safaris

Husky Safari With Lunch

3 Hours | Age 5+ | Exciting
In this thrilling adventure, you get to know the adorable huskies, while dashing through the magical sceneries and forests of Lapland. Enjoy a nourishing local lunch after the tour.

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Husky Excursions

Saariselkä, Lapland

All of our husky safaris in Saariselkä area include authentic Siberian huskies. These tours are the real deal! On our popular husky excursions you can experience the joy and the excitement of the dogs when they’re about to go for a run through the wilderness. Imagine mushing on a snowy forest, surrounded with sounds of the dogs and cleanest air in the world. If you’re out during the night you might be able to view the northern lights at the same time. Aurora Borealis with huskies, what’s there not to like?

Choose Us

A few reasons to choose Star Safaris.

Widest Selection

We offer the widest selection of adventures in Lapland. Compare and choose the ones that fit your plans. Whether you like safaris, wellness, culture or unique customized activities, we’ve got something in store for you. 

Quality Control

We’ve handpicked and tested all of our safaris ourselves. With us, you can be sure to find good value to your time and effort. The group sizes are kept small, so you can enjoy wilderness in a more relaxed manner.

Pre-Planned Packages

Transportation and required gear (thermals, helmets etc) are always included. For longer adventures we serve lunch or snacks. We’ll take care of every detail so that you could just relax and enjoy.

Custom Adventures

Anything is possible with us! Whether you’re just looking for a proper dinner on cool setting or go flying over Lapland, we can tailor your adventure a lot. Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

Sustainable Choice

We want to do things right and fair for all. With us, you can be sure that your adventure is sustainable to local environment and people. We live by the nature and want you to experience our surroundings the right way also.