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Villa Aurorastone

Ultimate Luxury | Turnkey Services
Settled in its own privacy, this ultimate high class villa complex awaits your group.

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Snowmobile Discovery

1,5 Hours | Age 5+ | Thrilling
Learn the essential skills of snowmobiling – an important form of transportation in the vast wilderness.

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Husky Safari With Lunch

3 Hours | Age 5+ | Exciting
In this thrilling adventure, you get to know the adorable huskies, while dashing through the magical sceneries and forests of Lapland. Enjoy a nourishing local lunch after the tour.

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Aurora Hunting by Car

3 Hours | All ages | Comfortable
Experience the true magical moment and feeling as you gaze upon the Arctic Sky while it is filled with colourful glow of the Northern lights.

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Aurora Hunting by Campfire

2 Hours | All ages | Comfortable
Experience the outdoor life like the locals. The trip will take You to our nearby Campsite, where you can enjoy the warmth of the fire while we enjoy the night outside.

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Snowy Forest Trek with Finnish Horses

2 Hours | All ages | Comfortable
On this magical trek you’ll find yourself a new friend – the Finnish horse. It will go with firm steps and take you with it to see the wonders of the snowy forest.

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Avanto Adventure with Sauna

2 Hours | All ages | Exciting
Find your true arctic core – master your mind and dip into the avanto. This is a aauna experience with the change to use the avanto nearby. You have 1hrs time to use the sauna and relax.

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Stellar Moments  – Spa Massage

2 Hours | All ages | Comfortable
You’ll be soothed to the core by warm, smooth stones from the lake Inari. You experience stress relief and lose of tension on the whole body. The stones will warm you deeply and induce a feeling of euphoria. 

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Siida Museum with Shopping

4 Hours | All ages | Comfortable
Siida, the largest Sami museum of Finland, is a must visit for anyone visiting the area. See the ways of indegenous people displayed in huge archives of the museum.

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